Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giveaway: Handmade Signed Greeting Cards by Deborah A. Mills ~ Dec 21st to 27th

midwinters eve

Welcome to The Third Annual - 2012 Mid-Winter's Eve Giveaway Hop! From December 21st to 27th. Hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer (badge above links to our host’s the page) and co-hosted by Oasis for YA.

We have 3 sets of 3 signed, handmade greeting cards created by artist Deborah A. Mills for 3 US or Canadian residents.

Copies of the prints for the illustrations featured in her husband’s (Daniel Rabuzzi’s) Longing for Yount young adult fantasy book series - The Choir Boats and The Indigo Pheasant. The three cards are trimmed to 6 x 9 envelops, each card has an $8 dollar value, and will be sent by the artist to each of the three winners. The names of the prints pictured below are the Strix (owl) card, Maggie's Ukara, and the Dutch tiles cards. 


Deborah’s carvings also appear on the book covers below and also grace the interior of each of the books. And for more fun and games is The Indigo Pheasant’s cover was recently entered in The Ranting Dragon’s 2012 Annual Cover Battle . Very exciting and well deserved. If you have not voted yet, get on over and do so. There is some fabulous cover art featured there.

choir boatsindigo pheasant

  • The Choir Boats (#1) September 2009; 406 pages. Read an excerpt from The Choir Boats.
  • The Indigo Pheasant (#2) October 2012; 350 pages. Link for an excerpt at ChiZine for The Indigo Pheasant.

About Deborah A. Mills: She has been carving wood professionally since 1991. She has also studied wood sculpture while living in Norway with master woodcarver Erik Fridstrøm at the Viking Ships Museum in Oslo. In 1991 Mr. Fridstrøm hired her to assist him in carving a full scale replica of the twelve-foot-tall Ål Portal, an 800 year old stave church doorway in the collection of the Historical Museum in Oslo. (See the amazing Liturgical Doorway page and to view work-in-progress photos of all stages of the project.) And for even more about artist Deborah Mills, link to her website.

If you are interested in purchasing one or all three of these cards you can email Deborah at (no spam - deborahmillswoodcarving {at}earthlink{dot}net). A signed set of 3 cards would be $20.00 (USD), one signed card $8.

Now for the giveaway:

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This hop is now closed. Please stop back by for future reviews, giveaways and more.

Congratulations to our three lucky winners - Deborah, Raymond, and Julie!


Unknown said...

Great contest! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Thank you Roach... I thought so too!
Good luck.

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