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Review: In the Sea there are Crocodiles ~ by Fabio Geda


Review by Shellie for: In the Sea there are Crocodiles ~ by Fabio Geda (audio)

A purportedly true, but billed as fiction, tale of a young man’s harrowing travels out of Afghanistan into various countries. Struggling as an illegal immigrant he eventually obtains political asylum in Italy.

About:   Enaiat wakes up one morning to find his mother has abandoned him in Pakistan, after their small family’s flight from their home village in Afghanistan. Their village had been overtaken by the Taliban, who believe that Enaiat’s people have no value and treat them as such.

His mother, forced to leave her son for her survival, advises him on how to behave while he is asleep as she departs. So begins this young boy’s travels to many different countries where he is all but accepted. He finds that there are crocodiles not only in the sea but almost everywhere, with the title referencing an attempt to cross the Mediterranean in a too small rubber dingy to find relative safety. This is Enaiat’s amazing tale as he tries to find a home, sustenance and survival.

Thoughts:  A short and engrossing novel at only 224 pages, it’s been translated from Italian to English. Author Fabio Ceda tells Enaiat’s story to the reader from the boy’s perspective – in the first person with occasional interjections and questions for the boy by the author. Due to the nature of memory and the lack of concrete evidence to support a factual book, the story has been designated fiction.

I listened to the book in audio and found it was hard to put down. I couldn’t stop rooting for Enaiat while admiring his ability to get by in the most horrific circumstances. This is my favorite kind of narrator – one who overcomes the odds no matter how difficult the situation, and Enaiat’s experiences where at times terrifying.

This book is a testament to the human spirit and the will to not only survive but to thrive no matter the situation. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in the Middle East and particularly Afghanistan. It’s a 3.5 star read in my opinion and is also done well in audio. Recommended for adults but especially teens.

In the Sea There are Crocodiles ~ by Fabio Geda; Howard Curtis (Translator) US|UK|Canada. 224 pages; Doubleday (August 9, 2011.)

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DCMetroreader said...

This sounds like an emotionally difficult, but rewarding read. Great review!

Unknown said...

Kim -
It was a tough read, but it ends well.

Poor little guy, and the sad thing is that most of these kids do not get as lucky as Enaiat did. It's heartbreaking.

Thank you and have a fabulous weekend.

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