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Incoming Books ~ July 8th, 2011


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Our Incoming Books ~ Before we set off to England, (yep we are traveling again in a few short days) here are our recent incoming books. A few re-released in paperback and some new, all up for review. Included here are the gorgeous covers, purchasing links and short snippets to catch your attention. So that you can answer the best question of the day:   

Which of these wonderful books would you read first?

the revisionist


The Revisionists ~ by Thomas Mullen US|UK|Canada.  448 pages; Mulholland Books (September 28, 2011)

Time travel, political intrigue…Zed is an agent from the future. A place where all of the world's problems have been solved. No hunger. No war. No despair. His mission is to keep it that way. Even if it means ensuring every cataclysm throughout history runs its course, especially one just on the horizon.

in the sea


In the Sea There are Crocodiles ~ by Fabio Geda Howard Curtis (Translator) US|UK|Canada. 224 pages; Doubleday (August 9, 2011)

Based on a true story and translated from Italian…….Enaiatollah's mother tells him three things: don't use drugs, don't use weapons, and don't steal. The next day he wakes up to find she isn't there. At only ten-year-old he is left alone in Pakistan to fend for himself. The author describes the boy’s remarkable five-year journey from Afghanistan to Italy where he manages to claim political asylum at age fifteen.

knowledge or good and evil

The Knowledge of Good and Evil ~ by Glenn Kleier US|UK|Canada.  416 pages: Tor Books;  (July 19, 2011)

Soon to be published action adventure, author interview coming up…..In 1968, theologian Father Louis Merton visited the ancient Dead City of Polonnaruwa, in Ceylon where it’s claimed he found a backdoor to the Afterlife. Years later, psychologist Angela Weber and her fiancé, Ian Baringer, are on the hunt for Merton’s long-lost journal and its door to the Afterlife. Together, they plunge into a global chase, pursued by a shadowy cult, dead bodies and destruction.

de la cruz family danced

When the de la Cruz Family Danced ~ by Donna Miscolta US|UK|Canada. 342 pages; Signal 8 Press (June 28, 2011)

Themed around the immigrant experience a new contemporary novel…..Johnny de la Cruz, succumbs to a quick sexual encounter with the ever attractive and beguiling Bunny. Years later, nineteen-year-old Winston Piña has barely finished eulogizing his recently deceased mother Bunny, when he finds letters she wrote, but never sent to Johnny de la Cruz, leading him into the lives of the de la Cruz family – a family to which he might or might not belong.

The Uncertain Places


The Uncertain Places ~ by Lisa Goldstein US|UK|Canada. 240 pages; Tachyon Publications (June 15, 2011)

Set in Northern California in the late 1970s this one should make me feel right at home…….A fresh retelling of a classic fairy tale. Will Taylor is introduced to the mysterious Feierabend sisters, and he quickly falls for enigmatic Livvy. But the family is behaving strangely and seem to believe that luck is their handmaiden, even though happiness does not necessarily follow.

sleight of hand

Sleight of Hand ~ by Peter S. Beagle US|UK|Canada. 288 pages; Tachyon Publications (March 1, 2011)

Stories new and old from this acclaimed fantasy author…….These are tales of quiet heroism, life-changing decisions, and determined searches for deep answers, this extraordinary collection of contemporary fantasy explores the realms between this world and the next.

promises to keep pb



Promises to Keep ~ by Charles De Lint US|UK|Canada. 192 pages; Tachyon Publications (May 15, 2011)

For the first time in paperback this stand alone urban fantasy set in the fabled town of Newford…..With the help of a mentor and an anonymous benefactor, Jilly Coppercorn has overcome abuse, addiction, and a stint in juvie. Temptation comes knocking, however, when her best friend from the bad old days rides in on a motorcycle and takes Jilly to a beautiful, mysterious city full of wonderful opportunities.

the first days

The First Days ~ by Rhiannon Frater US|UK|Canada. 336 pages; Tor Books; First Edition edition (July 5, 2011)

A very readable and action packed zombie story that was originally self published and the first in her trilogy……The morning that the world ends, Katie is getting ready for court and housewife Jenni is taking care of her family. Less than two hours later, they are fleeing for their lives from a zombie horde.




Gateways ~ edited by Elizabeth Hand US|UK|Canada. 416 pages; Tor Books; (July 5, 2011)

New out in paperback a collection of sci fi shorts stories all in honor of Frederik Pohl…….An anthology of new, original stories inspired by Frederik Pohl. Written by Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Ben Bova, David Brin, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Joe Haldeman, Harry Harrison, Larry Niven, Vernor Vinge, Gene Wolfe, and more, a book for sci fi lovers of all tastes.

Goodness knows what we will have waiting for us when we return home. It will be like Christmas in August. So much fun!

In the meantime: Which book(s) would you choose to read first?


Sarah M said...

I would read Sleight of Hand. It's been on my wishlist for a while, and I actually featured as such on my blog in May.

Great haul!

Unknown said...

Sarah -
I was not expecting several of these books including the Peter Beagle book. I have not read anything by him before.

This first story is wonderful.

I really appreciate your comments and sharing your choices!

Sniffly Kitty said...

I agree with Sarah, Sleight of Hand is excellent ^.^

Sniffly Kitty
Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

Unknown said...

Sniffly Kitty(I crack up each time I read your cute name)

It is really good... enjoying it. An unexpected treat.

@parridhlantern said...

I think I'd give Gateways a go, as it's an easy book to dive in & out of.
PS.Enjoy your trip & remember to pack your English summer clothes.

Unknown said...

Gary -
I would have place you for Gateways or The Revisionists - which is purported to be literary in style.

Last year we were pleasantly surprised. It was my first trip to UK when I did not have to wear boots the entire time. It was gorgeous!!! But it did rain.

Alexia561 said...

I'd read Gateways first, as I'm a sucker for anthologies!

Safe travels!

Unknown said...

Alexia -
I thought you were not too crazy about sci fi? I would have placed you for the fantasies included here... since I know you love them. Isn't that funny?

Thanks for the wishes - I hate to fly....

Unknown said...

I received In the Sea There are Crocodiles, too. It's ok-ish so far (I'm about halfway through).

The Uncertain Places, being a retelling, looks the most interesting to me.

Unknown said...

Susie -
I hope In the Sea gets better - I do love translations but they are odd and I always have to work much harder for them.

I was so so excited to receive The Uncertain Places... Just hopin I don't get too home sick.

Will look for your thoughts on the Crocodile tale.

ChristasBooks said...

I'm going to vote for the Revisionist! I picked it up at BEA and I'm really excited for it.

ediFanoB said...

I'm glad that I received a review copy of The Revisionists By Thomas Mullen this week. Seems to be an interesting time travel story.

Unknown said...

Christa -
I hope its good - I got really excited about it since it felt like "a John read" -(mine too).

BEA - someday... *sign*

Edi -
I will be looking out for your review.... It seems to have a literary bent? Which could be interesting - or not.


Voting tally so far:

The Revisionists - 2
Sleight of Hand - 2
The Uncertain Places - 1
Gateways - 2

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