Monday, July 11, 2011

To England ~ again!


Union Jack 2

A trip to one of our favorite places on the planet ~ England!

Our bags are packed and ready to go – with house sitters and the like all scheduled. We can hardly wait.

As many of you know about us, with family in England and California, John and I are a solitary pair here in the Arizona desert. We are also very fortunate to be able to visit both places at least once a year. With a wedding to attend and loads of family members including 4 grandchildren (the smallest just turning 1 year last month) it is a wonderfully necessary luxury. Posting will be at a standstill but we will have a variety of stuff to update here on our return.

Till then below are several links for posts which include pictures from our England travels so that you may have a “vicarious trip” if you so choose:

Hope you all read a five star book and have some fun in the meantime. Until we return home - “Cheers my dears” to all our readers and friends!


JoV said...

Have a good trip my dear! Call me if you want to while you are in England.

Anna said...

Enjoy your trip!

Unknown said...

Thank JoV -
I do not have your phone number - email it to me!!!

Anna -
Thank you!!

Sorry moderating these has taken so long - the ancient hotel we were staying has the worst internet connection.

I think the place is 300 years old in parts... very cool.

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