Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giveaway: Martyrs and Monsters ~ by Robert Dunbar


Giveaway: Martyrs & Monsters ~ by Robert Dunbar

We have one “real” copy for a US address, offered graciously by the author. It is a collection of tales of horror for intelligent adults; and are also tastefully written GLBT stories.

Martyrs & Monsters runs the gamut, embracing vampires and sea serpents, werewolves and swamp creatures . . . as well as a host of nightmares for which no names exist. Whether set on an orbiting space station or within a haunted tenement, these terrifying tales are steeped in a passionate intensity that renders them all but unique. 288 pages; Uninvited Books (2011) http://www.uninvitedbooks.com/

What is being said about the collection from “those in the know”: 

"The master of quiet horror returns with a superior collection of short stories. Carefully cadenced phrasing ... imbued with a trademark Southern Gothic sensibility and hauntingly sensual imagery ... touches a primordial fear center. Unnervingly erotic ... this is what horror does best."  ~ HellNotes

"A masterpiece." ~ Dark Scribe Magazine

"Brilliantly chilling ... searingly erotic." ~ The Edge

"Substantial amounts of panache and poetic insight."  ~ Cemetery Dance Magazine

"Provocative ... vivid and visceral."  ~ GUD Magazine

"Never less than brilliant."  ~ The Black Abyss

"A milestone of modern horror."  ~ The Black Glove

Now for the Giveaway:

You do not need to be a follower to enter, but please do the following: 



Robert Dunbar is a writer, editor, and playwright. He has written for radio, television and theater and is the author of The Pines, The Shore, Martyrs & Monsters, and Willy.

He has achieved extraordinary levels of critical acclaim; he has penned articles for numerous and diverse publications; his mainstream fiction and his poetry have appeared in literary journals; and his plays have been produced in regional theatres. He has also scripted programs for public television and the Discovery Channel and is a frequent lecturer at colleges and literary societies.

But most importantly he is amazingly funny and in his spare time he likes to imagine himself as a professional ice skater, or possibly a trainer of tarantulas for jungle pictures. Find out more about him at his website and blog; Goodreads (his group there ~ Literary Horror); Twitter; and Facebook.

For an insightful interview with Robert Dunbar, and more about his other books please see our post from 2011.

I reviewed Robert’s book WILLY in 2011 (text links to Shellie’s review). It also made our 2011 best of the year list (links to the list).

Good luck!

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