Friday, October 21, 2011

The Ten Days of Halloween ~ Celebrations!

10 days of halloween banner

In honor of the first day of – “The Ten Days of Halloween” - October 21st till 31st (and to help support Dana’s efforts at On the Broomstick) we have a number of scare related posts coming up:   A giveaway hop with two books to win that may create some chills: some reviews; several guest posts (one with a blood chilling excerpt); a post around real life horror –, zombies; a link up of some of the scream and scare related reads we have reviewed here on Layers of Thought over the last several years; and more.

The badge above links to On the Broomstick where there are some incredible giveaways, interviews and loads of fun, for the next ten days - so hop on by, say hi and that we sent you on by.

Also please be aware that we are operating “away from home” on the funky laptop (yep, traveling again) so comment moderation will be slower than normal and errors will most likely increase – a lot. Thanks for your patience.

Happy almost Halloween!


Alexia561 said...

Looking forward to it! And happy travels, even with a funky laptop!

Unknown said...

Thank you Alexia -
We are having fun and eating too much... never mind I have to squint when reading the screen on the lap top the food is making up for it!

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi, Shellie. What you've got planned here sounds interesting. I hope you are enjoying yourself - whatever it is that you are up to on the road. I just got back from Georgia, visiting my brother for his wedding. I took the laptop, too, but only to keep my e-mail inbox from overflowing.
Take care.


joannie said...

thanks for the update and have a very safe trip and don't go crosseyed trying to read the screen. joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

Unknown said...

Jimmy -
I've linked up Nicole's and Marrissa's books and one of Nicole's guest posts that should be live next week some time.

We should get a guest post live for you too!

I would love to go to a wedding in Georgia how fun!

Thanks for commenting.

Joannie -
Welcome to the blogo-sphere - I see you have begun a blog - just only. But let me know when you get things going a bit so I can follow you as well.

I hate squinting at a small lap top screen, but such is life... could be much worse.

I hope you enjoy what we have going on here for the next several days.

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