Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Winners: The Hum and The Shiver ~ by Alex Bledsoe


We have three winners for

The Hum and The Shiver ~ by Alex Bledsoe!

**Drum Roll** 

Chosen by the fates, the lucky winners are:

Logan @ Rememorandum    Lori @ she treads softly  

and  Laura @ Dogs Mom Visits

Congrats to our winners!

*Showers of Applause*

Hum and Shiver

For more information please see our:

In Alex’s guest post we find out some interesting facts about this latest fantasy which is perfect for fall. Just remember one word: “fairies” - perhaps?

Winners:   Please comment on this post and respond to my email as I already have your snail mail details. Then I will forward your information onto the publicist.

Don’t forget to stop by to enter our other giveaway! Our newest is a fantasy three book set for one winner, and the first book in the series is Nebula nominated. Exciting stuff!

A big *Yee Ha and Applause* for our winners!!!!


logankstewart said...


Thanks Shellie, Mr. Bledsoe, Publicist, and Google Random Generator Machine. I look forward to reading.

Unknown said...

Logan -
I was so so happy you won something I thought I would cry. I did not even cheat. Even just a little.

I think the location fates had you in mind as you are so near the setting of the story. How fun!

Lori L said...

Yeah!!! Thank you everyone who made this win possible, but most of all to you Shellie! I'm excited!

Unknown said...

As I am a ditz I deleted instead of posted Laura's comment - here is a copy.

I am so very much looking forward to reading this. I believe in fairy magic and spend a lot of time with celtic music.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Unknown said...

Laura and Lori -
Congrats to you....

I hope you both enjoy the book. Come back by for another giveaway soon. It should be live tomorrow. Tee - hee!!! Its a good one. Well I think so any how.


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