Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interesting Update – I will be taking over The Basics Challenge site.

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Goodness life throws us some curve balls sometimes. I’ve caught one and the news is that I will be taking over The Basics Challenge blog site. I am kind of nervous but excited too. It is a small site so I don’t believe it will be too much work.

Emily Cross, the owner The Basics Challenge has decided that she would like to focus on her many other projects including her PhD (this young woman is busy, busy, and highly prolific). So she has decided to let go of her smaller challenge site – The Basics Challenge. Since I love this challenge and post there regularly, I raised my hand so it would not be deleted. Just in the nick of time too.

It is a pretty site with only a few participants and “followers” as of now. I do however have some fun ideas for growing it, and hope it can be a safe place to learn and explore. Everyone is welcome to join, follow, or lurk – yes lurking works too.

About the Challenge:

The Basics Challenge was designed specifically for writers and authors to help them explore interested genres/sub genres which they plan to write within. It is also a challenge site for anyone interested in exploring regardless of writing goals, just for the sake of learning. (Like me.)

Anyone who would like to join can do so at any time. It is a rotating 5 year challenge – meaning it can be repeated and extends into infinity. It is also very flexible. The main idea is 100 books over a five year period, with a 25% forgiveness rate. So 75 books for the five year period, which gives you 15 books per year. This too is flexible and up to you. Participants can choose any books they wish for their list as well as not create a list at all, and can change their list at any time. Additionally, you do not have to own a blog to post to this site, since all participants will be welcome as a co-author of the blog.

Here is a link to Emily’s Guidelines for the challenge.

I would like it to be a fun and creative space for everyone - authors, writers, and those interested in learning about specific genres, to come together and share book reviews, what they have learned about specific genres of interest, as well as thoughts and insights around their process. No pressure, no challenge police, just fun.

Please feel free to take a button and link it to the challenge site on your blog (there is an html one at the site too), as well as join the challenge, or just follow for updates and reviews. I would love to see you there and/or read your thoughts and comments.


Crystal said...

That's awesome!!! I'll have to check it out :)

Unknown said...

Crystal -
I missed your birthday.. 29 years what a wonderful age. Enjoy!

Yes please check it out it would be wonderful to see your face there. :)

Emily Cross said...

"prolific" Ha! more like a blogoholic ;)

Don't be nervous, sure you'll do a brilliant job and I can't wait to see your ideas and that :)

Oh it's all so exciting!!

Unknown said...

Emily -
Thanks for the vote of confidence. If I wasn't nervous I would be a sociopath. lol

Good to know I have you around for back up. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shellie -- Congrats on your new hostess job! I'm sure you'll be great at it -- your blogging prowress amazes me.

Love the new site lookout, but what happened to JD's pic in the bath? ;-)

Unknown said...

Nicole -
I was thinking to do a huge one at the bottom of the blog but John said no. That I had put of enough of his body parts for the public to see.

Wasn't that fun

I hope to see your face over there there if only just in spirit?

Kitten said...

I should check this out. I burned myself out on reading challenges last year, but this looks like something I could fit into my schedule. Looking forward to visiting!

Unknown said...

Kitten -
It would be great to have you there. Its mostly just me doing the challenge now and Emily has posted a few things. It would be great to have you there.

I will be adding a few features hopefully here in the next few months. :)

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