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Review: The Shortest Way Home ~ by Juliette Fay

the shortest way home

Review by Shellie for: The Shortest Way Home ~ by Juliette Fay

Look past the cover to find a down-to-earth, mildly spiritual (Catholic), yet contemporary look into the life a commitment-phobic middle aged male nurse. When he finds himself “home” for the first time in 20 years he is forced to decide what is truly important to him. With strong threads containing mental illness and disabilities, internal and external conflicts, sweet humor and more - it’s one of my favorite “uplifting” reads of the past year.

About:   Sean is a nurse who has spent most of his adult life in areas of the planet where there are more people than resources. Places where people are grateful for what little help a medical professional can give them even if it’s only a little more time to live. Sean has chosen this hard yet satisfying life because he is running from internal demons - a fear that he has inherited a nasty form of dementia called Huntington's disease. Sean doesn’t want to know if he has the disease, refuses to be tested for it, and has “a plan” once the symptoms begin to appear.

When he receives a letter from his sister while still working in Africa, she directly states she needs him to return to take on his share of their family responsibilities. So he does, but not entirely based upon the letter. It appears the fates have conspired to bring him back home since he’s completely burned out and his back is aching so badly - so back to Boston it is.

Needless to say things are not the most functional with his family. There are A LOT of complications. His aunt (the family Matriarch) is loosing her memory, his sister deserves some of the freedom he’s enjoyed over the years (she too may have the disease) and she is resentful. But the most significant “complication” is his pre-teen nephew, who is in a precarious transitional period, and in desperate need of support. And then there’s the dog.

Thoughts:  This was a rewarding and slightly funny read with its real-life aspects that takes the tone from sweet to unsentimental. There are the shocking parts about nursing in a third world country, and dealing with the devastation of dementia, abandonment, alcohol abuse, and childhood psychological disorders. This book is a real mix of true-to-life problems with complex emotions and entanglements associated with them. But they are handled seriously and with a soft touch by the author.

The story has a mild element containing Catholicism. Appropriately so, since the main character - Sean’s da/dad - is from Ireland. And since the characters are of Irish decent there is also a fun part where several of the characters take a trip to Ireland. This may intrigue many readers and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

But I think the best part of this story are the characters. They are complex, well developed and mostly likeable; even the prickly ones, giving a literary feel to the novel. It’s being marketed as women’s fiction (look at the cover), but it’s more than that. I can say that men may enjoy this novel too if they can get beyond its cover’s femininity, and its obvious design for attracting women. Publishers have to sell books and women buy the most.

Just a few mild complaints - The Shortest Way Home is another one of those reads where there is a light romantic element which was slightly too “mushy” for me, and also several of the sex scenes left me with a misplaced guffaw (not my favorite reaction for a “romantic interlude”). However, it was an engrossing and entertaining read. I devoured it in a few days and give it a 4-star rating.

(Penguin; Oct 2012; 416 pages)

For more on the author visit Juliette Fay’s website:

The copy of this book was provided courtesy of FSB Associates (who are always looking for good reviewers/blogs and always have high quality reads), which in no way influences my review or rating for the book.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I've been curious about this one, and now I am adding it to my list. Thanks for your thoughts!

Unknown said...

Hi Laurel -
I think you are going to enjoy this.

If I did not have a problem with the romantic bit - this would have been a five star read.

Kelly said...

Sounds interesting, Shellie. I will definitely add this to my reading list. Great review!

Alexia561 said...

Nice review! I don't usually read contemporary fiction, but this one sounds intriguing. Love well developed, likable characters!

Unknown said...

Kelly -
I am thinking this is your kind of book!!!!

Alexia -
Yep I rarely do contemporary fiction either but I liked the medical aspects of it all. Nursing, mental illness ect.

It's really worth the time... special book.

@parridhlantern said...

Just a quick visit & a question, Have you come across the writer Autumn Christian, in particular The Crooked God Machine I thoroughly enjoyed it & thought it would be something you would to.

Unknown said...

Gary -
No, I have not but thank you for calling my attention to this interesting sounding horror novel.

The book has been added to my list at your recommendation. (on Goodreads)

From the title I thought it was going to be something along the lines of The Shortest Way

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