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Giveaway: Under the Sea Hop ~ September 14th to 20th


Welcome to the Under the Sea Giveaway Hop ~ from September 14th to 20th. Hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and The Musings of ALMYBNENR. (Badge above links to our primary host’s page for the giveaway.)

This hop features books with mermaids, sirens, selkies, divers, swimming, boating, dolphins, etc. And for all you water fantasy aficionados out there here is link to Tor’s recent listing of posts for their incredible Sea Monster Week.


We have recently released - The Salt God’s Daughter ~ by Ilie Ruby on offer for one US or Canadian address. 

Here’s a bit about it:

Celtic mythology merges with real life in The Salt God’s Daughter, the story of three generations of women who survive in the wilds of a shifting landscape. Theirs is a world where the spirits of sea animals keep watch, where mothers ferry children about by the stars, and men walk right out of the waves—a startling evolutionary tale of true love and the power of redemption.

Set in Long Beach, California, beginning in the 1970s, The Salt God’s Daughter follows three generations of extraordinary women who share something unique—something magical and untamed that makes them unmistakably different from others. Theirs is a world teeming with ancestral stories, exotic folklore, inherited memory, and meteoric myths.

Meet Diana Gold, who raises her two daughters on the road, charting their course according to an imagined map of secrets drawn from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Meet her daughters—Ruthie and Dolly—who are raised in the back of their mother’s station wagon and then later in an old motel turned retirement home on the ocean, a place where the residents run with half-packed suitcases into the ocean at night, where lipstick kisses are left on handkerchiefs and buried in empty bottles, and where love comes in the most unlikely and mysterious of places—perhaps it even walks right out of the ocean in the form of a man.

Ruthie and Dolly are caught in the wilds of this enchanted landscape, fiercely protective of each other and unaware of how far they have drifted from traditional society. But when they are suddenly forced to strike out on their own, and Ruthie becomes the victim of a sexual assault, they are caught in the riptide of a culture that both demonizes and glorifies female sexuality. It is within this conflicted landscape that she must find her way again. Years later, Ruthie’s daughter is born with a secret that will challenge her ties to the women in her family, and to the ocean.

Impeccably narrated in two powerful and distinctive voices, The Salt God’s Daughter puts a feminist spin on a traditional Scottish folktale about the selkies—a provocative, timeless story that explores our ability to transcend the limitations of a world that can be hostile to those who are different, and to find joy and belonging even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

For more information about The Salt God’s Daughter and its author link to Ilie Ruby’s web site:

Now for the Giveaway!

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This giveaway hop is now closed. Please stop back by for our next giveaway/hop which should be live soon!

Congrats to the winner of Ilie Ruby’s book The Salt God’s Daughter – Irene M.!


Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR said...

Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for participating. I love seeing the button everywhere LOL! :)

Unknown said...

Amber -
It's a very cute button, and I loved the way it matches the book we are giving away.

How lucky is that?

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