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Review: All Seeing Eye ~ by Rob Thurman

all seeing eye

Review by Shellie for: All Seeing Eye ~ by Rob Thurman

A dark, fast paced, paranormal novel that’s jam packed with action and snarky dialog. I am thinking it’s for fans of Dean Koontz (but with attitude).

About:  Jackson Lee is a psychic. A damaged and sarcastic psychic with a hundred pound piece of lead on his shoulder. This is understandable as Jackson’s attitude reflects his very rough childhood - an abusive drunken step-father; knowing that his favorite little sister has been murdered; the subsequent deaths of his entire family (except for his psychopath sister); and then spending his teen years in a group home (one where only brutality and cunning keep the boys alive). It’s no wonder he’s extremely bitter.

But things are looking up for Jackson due to his strong will to survive. He now has a legitimate business doing psychic readings and calls himself – the “All Seeing Eye”; which is the dark truth for Jackson, since he has the the gift (or curse) of knowing that whoever he touches will provide him with a complete vision of that person’s entire life. Every sordid detail. The viewings are so overwhelming that in order to cope he has become a loner, who must wear gloves and long sleeves (even in the sweltering Georgia heat where he lives) to prevent contact with people and objects.

When the scientist brother of an old group home friend shows up on Jackson’s door, pretending to look for a reading from a “real” psychic but then kidnaps him and takes him to a military research facility, the drama escalates. Really escalates.

Thoughts:  This was a fast and absorbing read with an interesting, damaged, and snarky character – Jackson Lee. I enjoyed the drama and most of the back and forth smart dialog, although it did get to be a bit much at times. Jackson has a continual stream of comments supporting his ability to “smart-arse” his way through all his interactions, and he tells everyone off.

I enjoyed the writing style of Rob Thurman and found it to be extremely readable. However, in addition to the strong snarky factor, I was a bit disappointed with what I felt was not enough solid explanation for the paranormal technology/science that was part of the research facility where most of the story takes place. But these small niggles will not prevent me from reading another book by Rob Thurman. The book is mostly well fleshed out and I did breeze through it’s almost 400 pages quickly, and have to note that it is decidedly intelligent. I also liked that there are several psychopathic characters in the novel which the author develops interestingly.

Recommended for anyone wanting a fast paced, escapist read with paranormal and dark aspects. It felt similar to a book I read by Dean Koontz years ago, which I enjoyed a lot. It had that same nebulous paranormal factor that was not completely explained but satisfying. I give this book 3 stars. I am thinking that All Seeing Eye will have sequels, since Jackson Lee’s special abilities could lead to more interesting predicaments.

Content info: This book has dark themes, lots of strong language and violence, which may be bothersome to some readers.

380 pages; July 31st 2012; Pocket Books.

Rob Thurman is the New York Times bestselling author of the Cal Leandros series. For more visit her website:

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