Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway: Spring Fling Hop ~ Lucky Bastard by S. G. Browne

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Welcome to the Spring Fling Giveaway Hop ~ May 1st till the 7th!  Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (badge above links the site and giveaway post) and Eve's Fan Garden

We have one book for one Canadian or US address offered kindly by the publicist. Please be a reader or follower of Layers of Thought to enter this giveaway, then fill out our Google form completely for your entry to count.

Have fun with the hop and good luck!

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Now for a bit about the Book on offer to Win!

Lucky Bastard ~ by S. G. Browne

There’s an old saying about making your own luck, but what if you can steal and then sell it? 

In his anticipated third novel, critically-acclaimed author of Breathers and Fated, S. G. Brown introduces San Francisco Private Investigator Nick Monday who possesses more than just the luck of the Irish in LUCKY BASTARD (Gallery Books; April 2012).

As a private detective Nick shares more in common with television detective blundering Columbo and handsome Magnum PI rather than his classical literary and noir counterparts Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. But there’s a twist to Nick’s talents that no other private investigator has: Nick has the ability to poach other people’s luck with a mere handshake.

Fans of crime fiction, mystery, fantasy and even paranormal will be intrigued and laugh of how Nick manages this unique talent, how the rich and famous yearn for his abundant stash and will pay the price for the most powerful, addictive and dangerous drug of all. But it’s not always hobnobbing with the elite or with Lady Luck. Nick’s procurement can either be a blessing or a curse as he takes from those with a charmed life and sells it to the addicted and desperate.

However, when a lucrative $100,000 offer is made by the mayor’s daughter, Tuesday Knight, to retrieve her father’s stolen luck will the caffeine-addicted luck purveyor’s own good fortune run out when he tangles with a Chinese mafia warlord, gets blackmailed by the government, and has his head turned by an attractive competitor?

LUCKY BASTARD is S.G. Browne’s sharp, gritty and noir tale that will keep readers chuckling at this happy-go-lucky hero’s fast-paced exploits.

Requirements are:

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This blog hop and giveaway is now closed. Please stop by soon for our next giveaway on offer.


Unknown said...

I just bought this one so I am not entering :( but I will follow! Great Giveaway. I am giving away fated by the same author if you havent already read it you should come check it out.

Doodle @ Doodle Bugs Bookshelf

Unknown said...

Thanks Doodle Bug - and what a cute name for your blog and yourself! and your little picture. Luv it!

I probably won't enter your contest since we can get the book at the library. Give others a greater chance.

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