Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, love, love, love: “Bracelets of Fingers” ~ by The Pretty Things

S.F. Sorrow is the title of the fourth LP by the British rock group The Pretty Things. Released in 1968, it was absolutely panned by the media. This is the second song on the album, called “Bracelets of Fingers”, which celebrates love. For more information click on the live Wikipedia link above or go to: http://www.theprettythings.net/

Here are the first lines of the song:


These are a few of the things I find joy, bracelets of fingers since I was a boy.

Fly to the moon and I’ll get there quite soon, if I wait a while.

Cradled in branches that stretch out their arms, I must wait awhile.

This is one of our favorite LPs and the fact that it’s obscure and nobody liked it back then, makes it even more intriguing. The entire album tells the life story of one man, and has some speculative elements to the story line.

If you are a Beatles fan you will probably love this album. It’s of the same era and has a similar tone to later Beatles records. In places it also has an early “Yes-ish” quality with that psychedelic feel that was so popular during the late 60’s. Give this song a listen; we hope you enjoy it. If you do, seek out the S.F. Sorrow album. It really is quite wonderful.

All the best wishes for a fabulous Valentine’s day!

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