Wednesday, September 21, 2011

“On the Broomstick” and the Ten Days of Halloween Blog Party ~ October 21 through 31


purple sorceress cropped 5

On the Broomstick ~ has a new header which I created for her!  Stop by and say hello to Dana and take a look. It looks swell –  we think so any way; artwork is definitively subjective.



Haunted House 1 - button

I also wanted to let you know she has a couple of events going on. The one I am sharing today is ~ The 10 days of Halloween Blog Party!  It will be happening from October 21 to 31st and will include some antics and fun such as:

Contests ~ Music  ~ Author Interviews  ~ Giveaways ~ Recipes ~  and best of all, Lots of Fun!

Don’t forget the “Witches Tea Party” on October 29th!

Snag a button/badge and link it to her blog:    [right click save as add a link to Dana’s blog – On the Broomstick.]    We hope your preparing for your own special scare fest?  We are!    *evil grin and giggle*

6 comments: said...

Nice header. I often want to change mine, then I can't bare to do so. Sometimes I want a quirky, book related theme, but then I say nahh. But I do enjoy all the headers I see that are so creative, it does make one envious. Great job.

The Halloween blog party sounds neat. I tried to find more info on it, but it seems like each click got me to another blog or page that didn't explain how to participate, it could've just been me though. :-/

Unknown said...

Lena -
I love your header and it works for what your trying to do - promote your book and you! You are gorgeous!!!

I fixed it so the link will go to her event announcement page for the badge and the blog name - here is the link:

She is a new blogger so it could be a little crazy but fun!

Thanks for the heads up on the bad link!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Shellie! You did such a beautiful job on the header and blog buttons! They bring a tear to my eye every time I open the blog and see what magic you have created.

Please stop over On the Broomstick and see the latest event- The Practical Magic Blog Party, happening September 23-26. Lots of giveaways for all.

Thank you Shellie again for the wonderful Halloween event button too! It rocks! Hope everyone can join in for a fun spookfest of author interviews, giveaways and some creepy tunes to make your Halloween a treat!

And Don't Forget the Witch's Tea Party on October 29th!

Much affection,

Dana @ On the Broomstick

Unknown said...

Excellent Dana -
I am so glad I found something great to do for Halloween - besides pass out candy!

Blog looks brilliant - you deserve it as you worked you bottom dollar off. Congrats!

Laura S Reading said...

Just stopping by to tell you how much I love Dana's new header and WOW what a great header on your blog!

Unknown said...

Cheers DogsMom -
I had a blast doing it and Dana was awesome and it was easy to work with her. Which is really important. Enthusiastic and honest about what she wanted and did not want.

Thanks for your comment!

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