Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Hop: Banned Books Week ~ September 24th till October 1st


Banned Books Week Hop ~ 9/24 till 10/1

It’s Banned Books Week and we have a blog hop to help celebrate. Although the book we are offering is not banned  it is never the less up for grabs for Canadian and US addresses.

What is a blog hop?  It is a way to link up a bundle of blogs for one purpose so it’s easier for readers to find ways to win books. Hosted by I Read Banned Books and I Am A Reader, Not a Writer (badge above links to the blog site for our hosts). With 250+ additional blogs you can link to at the bottom of this page offering bookish giveaways.Hum and Shiver

Our giveaway is:

The Hum and The Shiver ~ by Alex Bledsoe;  Tor Books (9/27/2011 - 11/1 for the UK)  US|UK|Canada.

A first in a series it is perfect for the fall season since it has dark elements.

There are:

  • 3 copies available
  • for US|Canadian addresses.

Click on the Book Cover to the left - to link to the designate blog page where you can enter our contest with the -Google form.

You don’t have to “follow”  but are encouraged to do so for future updates and contests!

This contest and hop are now closed. Please stay tuned for our next giveaway and blog hop. Giveaway coming next week and blog hop at the end of October!


Jen Bigheart said...

I came by to personally thank you for participating this year!


@parridhlantern said...

Do not understand the mentality behind banning books, a quick glance through literature or history shows this is not a successful enterprise and just leads to a greater in the banned item.
PS Just finished a book "Anno Dracula" by Kim Newman, that sounds like something you would enjoy, that's if you've not already come across it

Unknown said...

Thanks Jen -
Commenting on 200 blogs that's a lot of work. I too definitely support the banning of banned books.

A few of my all time favs are on the list, and I would have missed them if they had been completely taken off the shelves. Heartbreaking.

Parish -
I agree - Banning books is ridiculous. If you don't like a book don't read it and if you don't want your kids to read it then don't let them.
It's that simple. Don't choose the book I can or can't read.

I am so sick of vampires.... Gary - really its sad that I have all these vamp books in my pile for review. The next set of YAWN BOOKS may be zombies but I think I may have another year before I go over the edge for that one.

I have heard of Anno.... but have not added it due to my vampire boredom. Maybe I will like it. But only if its brilliant and literary -I will be off now to check out your review if it is live.

@parridhlantern said...

I've not posted on it yet, as have only finished it this morning it originally came out in the early 90's, this is a re-release out earlier this year, I bought it (2nd hand) because Neil Gaiman was praising, as was some of the broad sheets over here. here's some info from wiki

The Anno Dracula series by Kim Newman—named after Anno Dracula (1992), the series' first novel—is a work of fantasy depicting an alternate history in which the heroes of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula fail to stop Count Dracula's conquest of Great Britain, resulting in a world where vampires are common and increasingly dominant in society. While Dracula is a central figure in the events of the series, he is a minor character in the books themselves, and usually appears in only a few climactic pages of each book.
The series is known for its carefully researched historical settings and the author's use as supporting characters of both historical people and fictional characters of the appropriate period. The metafictional style was inspired by the Wold Newton Universe of Philip José Farmer, and Neil Gaiman helped develop the series (and was originally going to be its co-author).[1] Gaiman has also credited the series as being one of the main influences on his short story "A Study in Emerald".[2]
Entries in the series have won awards from the Dracula Society, the Lord Ruthven Assembly, and the International Horror Guild, and been short-listed for the Bram Stoker Award and the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.
The series currently consists of three novels and a number of short stories and novellas. The style is very much of the steam punk genre And one that I read very quickly as the pages insisted on turning themselves.

Unknown said...

Thanks Gary -
Ah a page turner... I have heard a lot of chatter about the novellas. Page turners are good/fun/ect for a brain break from the heavy stuff.

So I will read your review and add it at your recommendation.

I am not sure when I will read I am currently reading a page turner called - The Last Days by Rhiannon Slater/Frater ???. She was self published and picked up by Tor.

Its genre fiction and its easy to read and darn good. I thought I would just read a bit and perhaps put it to the side but nope...

I really need to read faster, and I am so behind on reviews since I lost a ton in our "Gremlin Attack" = computer hard drive crash.

Cheers Gary - it will be 105 degrees here today. Getting cold in England yet? (Rhetorical smart ass question.)

@parridhlantern said...

Ha ha, but no this week in the south east weather is hotting up back up in the 80s, but probably just a last hurrah before winter kicks in.

Unknown said...

Parish -
Wow that is so so cool - in California we call that Indian summer!

England is glorious when the sun shines we has the most brilliant weather for our last trip...
I noticed the Southern Western end is quite a bit warmer than the dales.

Don't get sunburned - lol!

Unknown said...

Thanks lisapeters at yahoo dot com great giveaway

Unknown said...

Good luck Lisa - I hope you entered via the google document too.

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