Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: Fabulous Faces ~ by Peter A. Adamson, M.D.

Fabulous Faces

Review by Shellie for Fabulous Faces: From Motivation to Transformation through Facial Plastic Surgery ~ by Peter A. Adamson M. D.

A concise, easy to read guide for any one who is considering facial plastic surgery and procedures that go beyond a monthly facial. If you are considering it, this is a helpful place to start.

Definitely not a normal read for me in recent years – I have been mired in fiction (mostly speculative). I decided to take a look at Fabulous Faces because I am an Aesthetician (a professional skin care practitioner – facials, waxing, makeup artistry) which makes me naturally interested in medical procedures and other efforts to look one’s best.

In years past, and within my skin care practices, I would come into contact with many people who would ask me questions about advanced skin resurfacing procedures and fillers and plastic surgery. I have also had the experiences of seeing many clients through their process– getting the real life before and after both visually and verbally. Most have been extremely happy with the results of their decisions. It is an exciting and scary choice, one which most people do not take lightly, so they are often looking for further information from a trusted source. This book is an example of one such example as it is written by an M.D. who specializes in facial, head, and neck plastic surgery.

The format for this accessible book includes short easy to digest chapters. It is concise, well organized, and informative, with real life questions around the feelings of people considering or wanting facial plastic surgery, as well as personal stories from men and women during their processes. The text moves from wondering, to researching options, the inevitable emotional examination, the procedure itself and, most importantly, the results. Dr. Adamson also includes a section on advance skin procedures - like deeper peels using lasers, CO2, and medical grade acids; as well as fillers and Botox.

I recommend it to anyone who is considering facial plastic surgery as a place to begin. It will help one to feel informed when speaking to a surgeon about the available options that he/she may be discussing with you. Most importantly, you’ll know more about what you can expect throughout the process, and then of course the possible results. 4 stars for this great little book written for the layman wanting to know more about facial plastic surgery and related procedures.

Peter A. Adamson M.D. is a plastic surgeon and Otolaryngologist (face, head, and neck specialist). 254 pages; Oslerwood Enterprises Inc. (November 5, 2010) US|UK|Canada.

I have received this book via the publicist in exchange for my honest opinion, which is offered here. Thank you Rebecca.


Anonymous said...

This has peeked my curiosity! It amazes me what can be done to "fix" people. I will put this on my TBR list for sure. thank you.

Unknown said...

Phyllis -
There is an amazing number of things that can be done to make us look better - unfortunately there are some things we just can't "fix". Oh well - we are so lucky we do have so many options.

It really is a great little book for anyone that is considering any type of facial surgery and knows nothing about it.

I will be interested to hear what you think about it if you do read it.

Thanks for commenting Phyllis!

DCMetroreader said...

When I have the funds for such a procedure I will need to pick this book up. It is depressing that I have acne and wrinkles :( Maybe I could at least lessen the wrinkles.

Very informative review!

Unknown said...

Kim -
Acne and wrinkles can you believe it... me too. Life sucks then you get old and it gets worse.

Do you have a good Aesthetician who is versed in folks with adult acne? There are so many culprits which aggravate it than many people are not aware of.

I have a sheet I used to give my clients which may help you - I think its on my old computer (lost everything on this new one) I can email you? I do have your email I think....

Thanks Kim...this is really a good book.

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