Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Nasty Case of the Gremlins!



We have been attacked!  

And I am going to blame it on this stone hearted critter to the left, since we do need a “scapegoat”; or perhaps a “scape-imp”? 

The sad thing is that it attacked the hard drive on the blogging computer this time. Last time it was my ereader – twice!  So general posting will be at a standstill for awhile. Which means delayed book winners posts as well as planned reviews, and much more.

Please think positive thoughts - that all important files will be retrievable. Tech support said “it” killed the hard drive and our only hope is that some hard-core geek may able to retrieve them - fingers and toes are crossed. I am making an effort not to pull my hair out as I write this post and have bottles of tranquilizers and tequila on stand by.

It is best to heed the advice of the wise and those who know (we are now definitely in the latter camp but not the former) – back up your computer hard drive and your blog frequently!  Until we can trap the nasty little thing, if you see it floating around the blog don’t feed it after midnight and for goodness sakes do not give it any water – happy reading!


logankstewart said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about this. Best of luck with the recovery.

Unknown said...

Thanks Logan -
The new drive is in and it ready for pickup. What I am dreading is the loss of 2 years worth of files.

I am thinking about this Buddhist monastery in Northern California and forsaking all computers... but not sure women are allowed.

Amanda Makepeace said...

This is no good!! I hope the problem gets sorted for you quickly!

Unknown said...

Amanda -
Things should be up and limping by next week. The new drive was easy to replace.

I am going to miss all my files....if they can't retrieve them.... sheesh!

I had a bunch of posts almost ready to publish too!

KJ Mulder said...

Good luck getting things sorted. It's a huge pain, but like all things in life we need to learn from experience.

With data backups it pays to be paranoid. A triple system works best for me - have a backup, of your backup's backup!

Unknown said...

Crusader -
You said it! never thought it would happen to to me. Like getting old... sheesh!

JoV said...

Hope everything is sorted! There were one point in my life when I had to format my hard drive every 6 months. Ever since I stopped using Norton Antivirus, things have been better for me. I have a strange feeling that everytime the Norton subscription expired that's when I got the attack!

All the best.

Unknown said...

JoV -
We stopped using Norton and use Trend now. It is much better.

I have the computer up and going and am piecing things back together.

What kills me is that I had about 15 reviews in progress... and more posts for general stuff.

Oh well - live and learn.

JoV said...

15 reviews!!! I would probably feel so sick and stay in bed for a week. Glad you are all positive about it. All the best!

Unknown said...

Cheers JoV -
I would have to say the tranquilizers and tequila have been a bit of a help.... *wink*

Although in bed for a week is rather tempting, perhaps with the drink and meds, hmmm???

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