Monday, September 13, 2010

Review by Shellie: The Bat Scientists ~ by Mary Kay Carson


A great book with incredible pictures. It is perfect for the Halloween and fall season.

Synopsis:  A preteen and children’s book based upon a group of people whose aim is to educate children (and adults too) about our fellow planetary inhabitants - bats.  It is written by scientists with a love of this special but ugly animal.

Bats are an umbrella species –  if they are protected then it naturally extends to the protection of other species, helping them to thrive and survive. Sadly many species of bats in the US and around the world are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss, incorrect beliefs and myths, as well as a mysterious disease called white nose syndrome which is addressed in the book.

This book helps to teach by giving children and young adults science- based information about the importance of  bats to local ecosystems. It also includes some disgusting and buggy scatological information which children love.

My Thoughts:  I love love love bats. They are so cute – ugly cute.  Most with faces only a mother could love. They are also an indicator species. Their health is an indication of our planet’s health, our warning – the figurative “canary in the coal mine”.  You can’t help asking the question, if bats are dying, what’s next?

This book is simple and intriguing, with some incredible pictures, and a bunch of enlightening facts that everyone should know. Its a great fall read for the classroom and a trick or treat gift instead of candy or sweets. And besides, did I mention that I love bats - 4 stars


Amazon purchasing links are for US/UK/Canada. This book has just been released.

For more information on the book and the authors please see Layers of Thought's preview for The Bat Scientists. Its the 4th book down on the post.

Some additional interesting links to peruse – Bat Conservation Trust in the UK, Organization for Bat Conservation in the US. Please feel free to link any other organizations for bats in the comments and I will add them to this list.

This book was requested for review from NetGalley, and then granted access by the publisher. Its a great place to go if you have an ereader to find interesting and eclectic books for review.

Don’t you just love this time of year? We do, waiting all year long for the cooler weather here in the AZ desert. Have a lovely day!


David Halpin. said...

This sounds interesting and one for when my daughter is a year or two older, I think. Right now, bats are scary!

Unknown said...

Dave -
Have you seen Stella Luna the book?

She would love that story. And you can get a cuddly cute stuffed toy bat to go with it.

Have you seen the little white fuzz ball bats from the rain forest that nest under huge tree leaves? They are so so cute that I fell in love. Here is a site with a slide show....

She may like these little fuzzy guys... :)

David Halpin. said...

Thanks, Shellie, I'll show her some pictures from Stella Luna as well as the slideshow and see how she reacts.

Unknown said...

Dave -
Let me know how that works out.. most little guys love Stella Luna. I hope she does too. :)

Mary Kay Carson said...

Thanks Shellie for reviewing our book. Bats are in trouble these days and need all the good publicity they can get!

Another good story book about bats for younger kids is Little Red Bat by Carol Gerber & Christina Wald. It's about a red bat deciding whether to migrate or hibernate in the fall.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary Kay -

Please let me know if you have any information/articles that can be posted and linked here on the blog.

You can send any updates/info to my email address


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