Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Signing and Winners for The Language of Trees ~ by Ilie Ruby


9780062006554We have winners and pictures!

I bet you’ve been wondering who the winner for Ilie Ruby’s The Language of Trees is? *wink* Having put it off, it was all for a very good reason since we now have a signed edition of the book to include in the giveaway.

We attended Ilie Ruby’s book signing at our independent book store in Tempe Arizona – Changing Hands. We also took a few pictures, got some insight into her first novel, (link on the book cover to see the guest post for The Language of Trees) and a bit about Ilie’s writing process.


But first here are a couple of pictures.

DSCN17649(2) DSCN1765

To the left was from a request for a smile. To the right is her signing our books with her girl standing in front. You can see my over exposed arm to the right (thanks John!).

So what did Ilie say about her debut novel?

She mentioned that her writing influences are Alice Hoffman and Isabel Allende  who write within the “magical realism” genre - a realistic setting with a touch of the otherworldly or magical. One of several themes she mentioned that are part of this book are that of motherless children and childless mothers (Ilie has recently adopted 3 children from Africa).  She also talked a bit about her writing process and mentioned that she would write for about 14 hours per day but that has changed since she has become a mom. Now she writes at night or fitting it in when ever she can.

Now for our Winners!

Our lucky winners are…..

For the signed copy of The Language of Trees - (for Layers of Thought’s readers only)  is …….

Indigo from Shattered Prose

Yeah Indigo!

For the copy which will be sent by the publisher - (for all who entered)  is……


Yeah Audrey!

Congrats to the Winners!


I will email a request for the winners full name and an address within the US or Canada. Please comment on this post and respond back to my email with in 72 hours.

To all those who entered this giveaway, thank you! More giveaways are coming soon. We still have the announcement for MJ Rose’s The Hypnotist (Reincarnationist #3) winner, and another book giveaway for Hothouse Flower, which also has a magical realism theme and is quite funny. It will be available to enter until October 3rd.

Misc Information:

A note on our personal giveaways ~ If you want to win signed copies then make sure you are a Layers of Thought “reader”.  It will get you the privileged of being able to be included in these special giveaways.

Changing Hand Book Store ~ is  based in Tempe AZ, and is a wonderful place to get used and new books. They have lots of  fun bookish paraphernalia, and numerous author speaking and signing events.

Happy Tuesday ~ life is short. Do something fun!


Sage Ravenwood said...

Wicked Awesome; thanks so much! I'm sending an email soon after this post. This absolutely made my day. (Hugs)Indigo

Unknown said...

Indigo -
I am so glad you won it! Congrat. :)

I will get the book out to you in the next few days.

If you do write your thoughts about the book on your blog let me know so that I can share it here in my link ups?

Audrey said...

Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway! I'm so glad I won the book and can't wait to read it.

Unknown said...

Congrats Audrey!

Thanks so much for commenting.

Let us know what your think about the book?

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