Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not so Hot off the Press ~ Bookish Links for the Bored and Busy


hot off the press

Are you in need of getting away from the boredom of everyday life?    Then take a break, since we have some interesting stuff for your surfing pleasure. I have scoured the web and picked out a few favorites so you don't have to - just don’t tell your boss you found them at Layers of Thought!


E-reader News:

Artsy and Interesting Bookish Links:

For the Writers:

Giveaways and Challenges:

Free Reads – Gotta love Them!

Beyond the Bookish:

If I missed your link, please feel free to add it in the comments. I do my best, but still have to eat, shower, and feed the cats. (And give my husband some attention now and then!).

Happy surfing!


IngridLola said...

Wow, some great links! You seem to read a lot of literary blogs ... what are some of your favorites you would suggest? The only two sites I subscribe to that you have links to are HTMLGIANT and Bookshelf Porn.
Thanks! I enjoy your blog. :)


Unknown said...

Cheers Ingrid -
Most of these links come from various subscriptions and surfing not from blogs... :)

Yes I added your blog yesterday via the BBAW sign up sheet.
Thanks for coming by!

IngridLola said...

Yes, sorry, I meant literary websites! I found myself referring to every website as a blog these days ... anything I can subscribe to automatically becomes a blog. Anyway, thanks to subscribing to the Blue Bookcase!

Unknown said...

Ingrid -
Its taken me over a year to get all these subscriptions together... if I told you what they are you would not have to come to my blog to read the links. I am sure you understand. :)

I do have a site that you may be interested in its called BookSlut?
They have a bunch of literary reviews there which are not mainstream which may be of some use/interest for you.

You can friend me on twitter, as well and pick up some stuff there.

Additionally you can take a look at my blog roll where there are a ton of blogs you can look at...
It is currently being updated since I do have to add about 100 more blogs to the list.

I hope that helps!

IngridLola said...

Yeah, that sounds great! I will do all those things, as well as come back to your blog for links. Thanks a lot Shellie.

Unknown said...

Cheers -
I really like your blog.. nice job. :)

Simcha said...

Thanks for the mention! You have some fun looking stuff here so I'm off to check them out.

Unknown said...

Simcha -
You bet.. its a great link! We love free stuff.
Have fun :)

Robin M said...

Great links, Shellie. Thanks for distracting me from what I was doing. :) Loving your new look by the way.

Unknown said...

Robin -
Excellent my evil plan in working!

Thanks a bunch I've been trying to simplify and all - easier to read, with less distractions. lol...

Alexia561 said...

Thanks for the great links! Some really interesting stuff!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What great links Shellie, you make it so easy for us; thanks. Liked the e-Reader articles especially.

Unknown said...

Alexia -
Your welcome!

Diane -
Excellent :)
This was a fairly boring last couple of weeks for interesting links.

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