Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preview: Health Beyond Medicine – A Chiropractic Miracle by Dr. Scott Paton DC, MS, ATC


After miscellaneous mishaps – car accidents, karate moves gone wrong, jumping from boats to docks, as well as working in back straining jobs – waitress and housekeeper, I have had many uses for a chiropractor. I have been fortunate enough to have had several really wonderful chiropractors and a friend whom have adjusted me many times in the past. Each saved me from weeks on my back and more pain. So I am an advocate of the practice. This book however appears to take it one step further as a source of reestablishing and maintaining health. I am however a bit skeptical of this perspective but thought that this book could be enlightening. So I accepted it from the author’s publicist Shelby from Phenix and Phenix. Thank you Shelby.

About the Book from the author’s website:

When his infant son’s life was threatened by a medical condition that the hospital physicians couldn’t diagnose, chiropractor Dr. Scott Paton took matters into his own hands.
Taking a chance, he decided to apply a gentle chiropractic technique that ended up restoring his baby’s health. But unfortunately, these treatments are dismissed by those who reject unconventional medicine.
The US ranks a distant (and disgraceful) thirty-seventh in healthcare, according the World Health Organization. The reason? Western medical practices focus on prescription medications that mask symptoms rather than address the illness. This system is dangerously eroding our health and putting children at serious risk…but Dr. Paton has an alternative solution.
Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle gives a detailed examination of:

  • The five secrets to superior health and longevity
  • Modern medicine as it is practiced today
  • Case studies of chiropractic treatment
  • Specific techniques that can change your life

Now is the time to take control over our lives and guarantee our own healthy, happy and secure futures. After all, true wellbeing comes from inside the body - not from inside a bottle.


Author Bio:

Dr. Scott Paton D.C., M.S., A.T.C., is a chiropractor certified in acupuncture and an athletic trainer, with a masters degree in sports medicine. Less than 1% of all chiropractors hold this distinction.

On a personal level, Dr Paton above all, enjoys spending time with his family which includes his wife of 11 years, Janice, sons Ty and Nick and daughter Hannah Rose. Additionally, he enjoys boating, snow skiing, plays guitar, and is a licensed pilot. He exercises regularly, usually with his oldest child, who ran his first 5k at 6 years old.

He was the first chiropractor ever to present research at the Olympics (Greece, 2004) at the pre-Olympic Scientific Congress. Currently, he is the team chiropractor for St. Leo University. View additional lecturing experiences by clicking here.

For more information link to the author’s site here.

Review to come.

Amazon purchasing links below US/Canada – sorry no UK link available

Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle / Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle


Missy B. said...

Hi Shellie:

I have an award for you! You may pick it up here:

Crystal said...

Very interesting! I'm a huge believer in chiropratic care. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of this book.

Unknown said...

Missy -
Thank you so much!I have to do a Mega post soon with the wonderful awards that I've received and you should expect one very soon.

Unknown said...

Crystal -
I was worried about this book with no comments. Thanks for expressing your interest. When expressing my concern my husband said its no wonder - "boring" lol.

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Shellie :D

I totally agree with this statement,
"Now is the time to take control over our lives and guarantee our own healthy, happy and secure futures. After all, true wellbeing comes from inside the body - not from inside a bottle."

This looks like a wonderful book!

Have a Super Great Labor Day Weekend!

Unknown said...

Chic Geek -
Thanks for stopping by.
This book should be interesting. We shall see.
I have finally gotten all my readers/followers in one place and they get first dibs when it comes to reading in my google reader, and comments too. Thanks for being one of my first followers.
Have a great weekend and happy fishing.

Unknown said...

Crying Baby Help -
Not sure about this remedy, since I am a not a medical professional but I love to get chiropractic adjustments so a little one may feel relief as well.
Thanks for the comment!

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