Thursday, July 16, 2015

Two Thrilling YA Giveaways: STONE RIDER and DAMAGE DONE

Stone Rider - David Hofmeyr

We have two books on offer for giveaway. Both are thrilling young adult novels – STONE RIDER by David Hofmeyr and DAMAGE DONE by Amanda Panitch. One copy of each book to a US and/or Canadian address.


More about STONE RIDER from the publisher:

In the vein of the cult classic Mad Max series, crossed with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, this inventive debut novel blends adrenaline-fueled action with an improbable yet tender romance to offer a rich and vivid portrayal of misfits and loners forced together in their struggle for a better life.

Adam Stone wants freedom and peace. He wants a chance to escape Blackwater, the dust-bowl desert town he grew up in. Most of all, he wants the beautiful Sadie Blood. Alongside Sadie and the dangerous outsider Kane, Adam will ride the Blackwater Trail in a brutal race that will test them all, body and soul. Only the strongest will survive.

The prize? A one-way ticket to Sky-Base and unimaginable luxury.

And for a chance at this new life, Adam will risk everything.

Hardcover | Delacorte Press | Jul 14, 2015 | 336 Pages | Young Adult


Damage Done - Amanda Pantich

And about DAMAGE DONE via the publisher:

22 minutes separate Julia Vann’s before and after.

Before: Julia had a twin brother, a boyfriend, and a best friend.

After: She has a new identity, a new hometown, and memories of those twenty-two minutes that refuse to come into focus. At least, that’s what she tells the police.

Now that she’s Lucy Black, she’s able to begin again. And her fresh start has attracted the attention of one of the hottest guys in school, a boy who will do anything to protect her. But when someone much more dangerous also takes notice, Lucy’s forced to confront the dark secrets she thought were safely left behind.

One thing is clear: The damage done can never be erased. It’s only just beginning. . . .

Hardcover | Random House Books for Young Readers | Jul 21, 2015 | 304 Pages | Young Adult


Please fill out the Google form(s) for the book(s) of your choice. Good luck!

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