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Giveaway: TIDES OF MARITINIA by Warren Hammond and Gratitude Giveaways Hop

Tides of Maritinia - Warren Hammond

We have a giveaway for TIDES OF MARITINIA by Warren Hammond. It’s “a spy novel with a science fiction twist”  for international or US residents - depending on your preference for book format.

The giveaway is international in its ebook format. However, if you are in the US and win you can opt for a paper copy but it will be delivered in January since the paper copy will not be available until then.

This giveaway is also attached to the 5th Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop. It’s hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer. You can find the other blogs that you can link to for bookish giveaways at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the publisher’s description:  

Maritinia is at the far edge of the Empire, a planet with little economic value in the Sire’s sphere of influence. 

And it’s just rebelled.

The people of Maritinia believe the Empire will not care that they’ve broken free. But the Empire is built on the belief that if an insignificant planet can revolt, then other, more important planets might follow suit.

So the Empire sends an agent to Maritinia with a mission: assassinate and replace one of the conspirators, and do enough to sow discord that when the soldiers do land, any opposition will be quickly crushed.

Thus Jakob finds himself immersed in the inner circle of the madman who led the rebellion. A raw recruit with only his political officer—a separate consciousness inserted into his brain—to speak with, Jakob is out of his element as an operative. And while he falls deeper into the conspiracy, he begins to question everything: the despotic admiral in charge of the coup, his feelings for a native woman, and—most troublingly—whether he still agrees with the will of the Sire.

In TIDES OF MARITINIA, author Warren Hammond thrusts readers into Maritinia, a far-flung planet on the outskirts of the omnipresent Empire. Maritinia is a planet of little consequence; its people are purposefully deprived of technology as a means of government control, its economy rests precariously on the export of kelp… and a group of rebels have just staged a coup.

In spite of the planet’s status, the Empire needs to regain control. Naturally, they send Jakob Bryce, a hapless paper-pusher who has somehow become a secret agent of the Empire, with a simple mission: assassinate and replace one of the rebel conspirators, immerse himself in the inner circle of “New” Maritinia, and sow enough discord to bring down the unstable rebellion and make way for Empire troops to come in and clean house.

Hammond expertly constructs a vibrant world in TIDES OF MARITINIA, filled with brilliant detail, colorful characters, and a layered universe of class, politics, religion and warfare.

Harper Voyager Impulse | Ebook | 12/02/2014

Warren Hammond is the author of three books in the KOP series—KOP, Ex-KOP, and KOP Killer—which were hailed by The Denver Post as “an addictively readable mix of hard-boiled detective and science fiction.” Hammond grew up in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. Upon obtaining his teaching degree from the University at Albany, he moved to Colorado and settled in Denver, where he can often be found typing away at one of the local coffee shops. He lives there with his wife.


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