Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: The Rainbow Man by P. B. Kane

The Rainbow Man - P.B. Kane

Review by Shellie for The Rainbow Man by P. B. Kane

Shellie’s quick take:  An exciting young adult novel that has elements of horror, myth, and the paranormal.

Shellie’s description:  When fifteen year old Daniel finds a seemingly lifeless body on the shore of his island home, he feels that something is not right with the man John Dee (as the locals name him since he does not remember who he is). When the entire town appears to side with this newcomer and Daniel is treated as an acting-out teenager, things get a little sticky. Daniel decides it’s up to him save the town’s folk from this stranger - a man who is not as he appears to be.

With elements of horror and a mythological ending that’s a great surprise, this story will have readers sitting on the edge of their chair until the conclusion.

Shellie’s thoughts:  This is a terrific slowly escalating thriller that readers who love scary books will devour. I know I did. And it’s a perfect read to take in on one sitting. At 162 pages, for some readers it will only take a few hours. It’s a small and thin soft bound book with a cover that I think is exceptional and represents the story very well; which will also increase its appeal to younger readers. I would say that the author knows his craft, creating this “clean” literary thriller that will be just as great for teens as for adults.

It has a great setting that the reader will love – an island somewhere in the UK. It’s a small coastal town that helps create a feeling of being stranded, which is a key element in the story for Daniel as he is the only person to believe that the rainbow man is not who he leads everyone to believe.

Recommended for lovers of horror and books with paranormal or mythological twists. Also recommended to audio book listeners since it’s just as great of a book in its audio version, with its UK accented reader. Highly recommended at 4 stars.

Page count: 162 | Genre: YA/Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller/Supernatural/Adventure | Rocket Ride Books | November 15, 2013

If you’re interested, we have an exciting interview with P. B. Kane.

We are off and traveling to the UK so posting will be at a stand still for a bit under a month. But when we return I have some fun giveaways that I will be sharing with you.

Until then happy reading!


Unknown said...

This sounds like an exciting story. I like that it could be a one-sitting read. Those are my favourite.

Unknown said...

Hi Sarah -
Sorry it's taken so long to respond back to you. We are out of the US and traveling.

I read very few books that I can finish in one sitting, but then again I am a slow reader. This one took two sittings for me. I am betting you'll be able to complete it in one. Never the less I think you'd enjoy it!

I'll keep an eye out to see if you do review it.

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