Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway: The House at the End of Hope Street ~ by Menna Van Praag

house at the end of hope street

Giveaway for The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna Van Praag for on US or Canadian resident.

A magical debut about an enchanted house that offers refuge to women in their time of need.

Distraught that her academic career has stalled, Alba is walking through her hometown of Cambridge, England, when she finds herself in front of a house she’s never seen before, 11 Hope Street. A beautiful older woman named Peggy greets her and invites her to stay, on the house’s usual conditions: she has ninety-nine nights to turn her life around. With nothing left to lose, Alba takes a chance and moves in.

She soon discovers that this is no ordinary house. Past residents have included Virginia Woolf and Dorothy Parker, who, after receiving the assistance they needed, hung around to help newcomers—literally, in talking portraits on the wall. As she escapes into this new world, Alba begins a journey that will heal her wounds—and maybe even save her life.

Filled with a colorful and unforgettable cast of literary figures, The House at the End of Hope Street is a charming, whimsical novel of hope and feminine wisdom that is sure to appeal to fans of Jasper Fforde and especially Sarah Addison Allen.

304 pages | 04 Apr 2013 | Pamela Dorman Books |18 - AND UP

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Monja Blue said...

Longtime follower in GFC.
Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

Monja Blue said...

I follow in Google+, too!
Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

Unknown said...

Thank you Monja -
Good luck in the contest!

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