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Review: Where Demons Fear to Tread ~ by Stephanie Chong


Review by Shellie for Where Demons Fear To Tread ~ by Stephanie Chong

The first in a sexy paranormal romance series where an ancient and darkly handsome demon meets a gorgeous fledgling angel. Their attraction is so strong that there is only one thing that will save them both. Bet you can guess what that is!

About:  Serena St. Clair embodies beauty, love and purity. She is blonde and virtually flawless. As a new angel, learning the ropes and saving souls on earth, she is given her first assignment to help a famous and misguided movie star from falling into the depths of hell. In the process she follows him to “Sin City” Las Vegas, in order to protect him. There she bumps into the extremely alluring, evil, and dark master demon Julian Archer. In Vegas he is a hotel casino owner where debauchery is the key activity for every guest. It’s a way to meet his goals of assisting humans in loosing their souls on their road to hell.

Julian is smitten with Serena; but he eats young lovelies like her for breakfast and throws them into a hell of insanity afterward – it’s an easy and pleasurable game for him. But Serena has other ideas, even though her attraction to him is undeniable and almost irresistible. And then, of course, there is drama, sex, and light violence as the two face-off in a battle for their souls. The question is: who will win?

Thoughts:  This is a tale of good versus evil with some very sexy scenes (fairly explicit ones). With this demoness of waking dreamsdichotomy of black and white morality there are some distinct and polarized characters in Where Demons Fear to Tread. Perhaps this is a plus for a variety of readers, especially those who enjoy a world that is simply contrasted. This was a bit of a problem for me. I prefer complicated characters, and stories with “grey” morality themes.

On the plus side this was an easy and quick read. I think Stephanie Chong is a clear writer, who does not leave the reader in any doubt of her story line or leave any room for confusion with the world she’s created. It’s also her first novel. So, I am also thinking that there is room for her characters to develop? With that said, I am going to read the second in her Company of Angels series to see where she takes Serena and Julian and what other characters the author introduces into the series. Besides, this is romance and it’s supposed to be light, fun and not too complicated.

I would recommend this novel for paranormal romance readers who like a traditional story line in their reads and also readers who like clear evil versus good contrasts, but also enjoy sexy explicit romances. It’s a 3 star in my opinion.

The Company of Angels Series:

  • Where Demons Fear to Tread (#1) - Paperback, 358 pages; August 2011; Harlequin MIRA
  • The Demoness of  Waking Dreams (#2) - Paperback; 400 pages; Sep 2012; Harlequin MIRA

For more information on Stephanie Chong please take a look at our guest post which was published last year. In the post she writes about her world building for the series, which could be helpful for readers who are doing NaNoWriMo. It’s a short and easy to read post.

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